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Farm-Fresh Juicy Goodness of Strawberries

Posted on June 05 2023, By: Sam Alfred

Farm Fresh Juicy Strawberries

June is here, and with it comes the eagerly awaited arrival of June-bearing strawberries, grown with love on our farm. These vibrant red gems are the very definition of summer sweetness, delivering a burst of flavor that is impossible to resist. 

What Are Strawberries

We grow a variety of strawberries at the farm, but our favourite are the June-bearing strawberries. A specific variety known for their abundant harvest during, you guessed it, June. They are known for their large size and intense flavor. They're plucked at their peak ripeness, ensuring a mouthwatering taste experience that is hard to beat.

Cooking and Taste

While these strawberries are undoubtedly delightful when enjoyed fresh, they can also be used to enhance a wide range of culinary creations. Their juicy nature makes them perfect for sauces, jams, and desserts. Their vibrant flavor pairs beautifully with chocolate, cream, and citrus, offering a tantalizing combination of sweet and tangy notes.

How to Buy and Store

When selecting strawberries, look for firm, plump berries with a glossy skin. Avoid any with soft spots or early signs of going off. Once home, refrigerate them immediately and enjoy them within a few days - you'll want to eat them at their very best. Trust us.

If you can resist devouring them all at once, consider freezing some for later use in smoothies or baked goods. All you need to do is gently wash, dry, take off the top and hull them. Lay them in a even single layer on a sheet tray and freeze overnight. Then you can simply put them together in a freezer bag and enjoy them later! 

Their Flavor Profile and Our Suggestions

Strawberries offer a remarkable balance of sweetness and tang. Their natural juiciness and bright acidity make them ideal for snacking as is or adding to fruit salads. 

When it comes to pairing flavors, nature provides its own subtle hints. During the same season, strawberries find delightful companions in mint and elderflower. The floral notes of elderflower beautifully balance the sweetness of strawberries, while the refreshing mint helps to tame any excessive sweetness.

Cream, white chocolate, and vanilla, with their smooth and sweet creamy profiles, naturally harmonize with strawberries. Don't underestimate the power of citrus either – lime and lemon prove to be excellent partners.

When it comes to Strawberries - don't limit yourself to sweet dishes! They can shine in savory creations as well. Take our Strawberry Vinaigrette for an example. It's the perfect addition to a simple spinach, almond, and feta salad.

Whether you're exploring sweet or savory options, strawberries are an incredibly versatile ingredient that can elevate your culinary adventures. Let your taste buds guide you as you experiment with these delightful flavor pairings, discovering new and exciting ways to enjoy the pure essence of these seasonal gems.