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Our Sister Company: The Wild Daughter

Farmer's Daughter and The Wild Daughter are sister companies committed to embracing fresh, natural, and local food and experiences.

The Wild Daughter, led by Michelle, the farmer's daughter herself, focuses on foraging, wild food products, and nature experiences. It's all about connecting with nature, embracing the seasons, and sharing a deep love for the wilderness.

Together, we combine fresh, natural food with a profound appreciation for our beautiful surroundings in Muskoka, and the wilderness of Northern Ontario.

Wild Food Products

Discover the exquisite flavours and healing properties of locally and mindfully foraged wild food products. Available exclusively at Farmer's Daughter. Experience the nourishing power of these natural treasures.

Experience Nature

Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature with Michelle, an expert guide. Join us for foraging adventures, where you'll unlock the secrets of edible plants and deepen your connection with the wilderness.

Rooftop Tents

Elevate your outdoor adventures with our rooftop tents. Gain better access to nature, explore remote locations, and experience the joy of sleeping under the stars. Visit our demo tent at Farmer's Daughter.

Learn & Grow

Delve into the wisdom of nature with informative blogs and articles. Michelle shares her expertise and experiences, offering valuable insights into foraging, wild food, and the pleasures of living in harmony with the natural world.