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Zucchini - 2 lb

Product Info

2 lb of Zucchini

When in season (Summer) we source them from our family farm. Sabatura Produce, Windham ON

How To Treat It

  • Fresh zucchini can keep well in the fridge, whole, and unwashed, for one to two weeks. 
  • Look for zucchini with smooth skin, firm, green, and free of marks.

How To Cook With It

Zucchini's flavor is mild with just a hint of sweetness and nuttiness. It's a blank canvas for cooking and can pair with all sorts of flavours. 

They can be eaten raw or cooked, sliced thinly they're a great addition to salads.Grilling, barbecuing and frying are fast and easy ways to cook with them.

Avoid boiling or steaming as the zucchini will soak up water and become mushy.

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