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Asparagus (1 lb)

Product Info

One pound of Asparagus


How To Treat It

  • Look for firm, straight stems with smooth skin, compact heads, and freshly cut ends. It should be as bright in colour
  • Store wrapped in damp paper towel in a plastic bag, or in a glass of water, and use within 2-3 days.

How To Cook With It

Asaparagus is a beautiful bright vegetable with a distinct fresh vegetal flavour that goes well with almost anything. It comes into season in early May, and those first harvests are the most tender and sweet. Grilled, steamed, or roasted brings the taste of grassy green freshness. It's also beautiful served raw - shave raw slices into salad as a delicious crunch.

It's generally recommended to discard the bottom inch of stems as they can be woody and tough. Blanching for a minute in salted boiling water will help lock in the flavour and bright green colour before cooking in other applications. 

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