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Elixir Blend

Product Info

Elevate: Elevate your mood and enhance focus with a creamy blend of herbs and mushrooms. Ingredients include creamy cardamom, mind-nourishing Lion's Mane, calming lotus pollen, to effectively control moisture within the package the use of a desiccant is recommended. It is included in the finished good and should be kept with the product while stored, tightly closed when the product is not in use.

Engage: Superfood upgrade, guiding the body to a natural state of harmony. 1 tablespoon added to 10-12oz of half water half nut mylk. Add sweetener of choice. Can also be served hot with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil blended in.

Golden Mylk: Relax and reset with a blend of soothing herbs, calming mushrooms, and warming spices. Creamy tumeric spice, fortifying turkey tail, and soothing ashwaganda.

5 Mushroom Chocolate: Cozy up with a smooth, full-bodied hot cocoa, packed with 5 nutritious mushrooms. Made with rich heirloom cacao, and includes a blend of 5 nourishing mushrooms.

Activate: Activate your senses with this rich blend of herbs and mushrooms. This blend has a rich chocolate and cinnamon spice, with functional ingredients like reishi and chaga to power you up, any time of the day.

Matcha Mind: Refresh your mind with a smooth blend of mood-boosting herbs and mushrooms. This is a full-bodied Matcha with lion's mane and moringa.

Kickstart: It can be used with robust coffee subtitude with Yerba Mate and chaga mushrooms.

Radiance - Restorative Blend: Find balance with this grounding blend of hormone-supportive botanicals and seaweed. Helps balance the stress and provide a healthy glow.

Resilience blend: Easily enjoyed on its own in either hot or cold water (just mix 1 teaspoon [= 5 or 6 g] with 10 to 12 ounces of water),

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